Our List for “State Board Required Courses” [SBRC]

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These courses are designed to help meet the NJ State Board Requirements for Continuing Dental Education … Courses are listed in date order and links for full details will be added to each. Tuesday, May 9, 2023 • 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. • 1 credit hour Survey of Current Updates in Dental Ethics and the […]

Basics of Cone Beam CT for the Dental Practitioner

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Lecture and Demonstration … DR. STEVEN SINGER - Course Director … Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is the newest imaging modality available to the dental profession. As the scanners and examinations produced find their way into general and specialty practices, practitioners are eager to know how to use this exciting new modality to the benefit […]

Reducing Post-Operatory Sensitivity Through Adequate Bonding Procedures (ACDE Webinar)

ONLINE through Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

An ACDE Joint Provider Live Webinar Series … Presented by … DR. GRACE DE SOUZA … Adequate enamel and dentin bonding procedures are required for the proper sealing of composite resin restorations. However, the dentin substrate presents inherent challenges that may be more or less critical depending on the bonding agent used. In this presentation […]

Advances and Challenges of Digital Dentistry for Dental Implant Surgeries (ACDE webinar)

ONLINE through Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

An ACDE Joint Provider Live Webinar Series … Presented by … DR. CHIA-YU CHEN … With the advent of digital dentistry, clinicians find themselves inundated with new materials, hardware and software in daily practice. A thorough comprehension of the technologies will help us integrate digital solutions to promote communication, as well as accelerating treatment processes […]

Critcal Topics in Pediatric Dentistry

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

FOR DENTISTS AND DENTAL TEAM MEMBERS … Presented by … the Department of Pediatric Dentistry … This course is designed to be an update of latest information for the general practitioner treating children. We will review basic techniques of pediatric dentistry, present a summary of the latest clinical research, and illustrate step-by-step methods for various […]

Managing Acute Dental Pain, Responsible Opioid Prescribing, Medical Evaluation and Pharmacology for the Dental Office [SBRC]

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Presented by … DR. JAMES L. RUTKOWSKI … This course will fulfill the New Jersey Board of Dentistry requirements for Internal Medicine & Pharmacology, Opioids, as well as provide 3 hours toward the New DEA MATE eight-hour requirements.  This presentation is designed for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants This interactive and clinically oriented program will […]

Why are your patients angry and fearful and what can you do about it? (ACDE Webinar)

ONLINE through Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

An ACDE Joint Provider Live Webinar Series … Presented by … DR. DAVE CARSTEN … Relational leadership, narrative leadership, and emotional intelligence are evident in highly effective, smoothly running, and cohesive teams. Learn how to put these elements to work in your unit and beyond. Learn about communication and empathy. Have more fun and prevent […]

Digital Imaging for Dental Practitioners

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Digital Radiology can save time, money, effort and improve flow of information in and outside the office. Patients benefit by decreased dose of ionizing radiation and reduced time to view radiographs. And, no more handling chemicals and cleaning processors. CCD/CMOS wired sensors and PSP wireless sensors. Comparison  of wired and wireless systems. Networking and telecommunication. […]

Medical History Taking in Dental Patients (ACDE Webinar)

ONLINE through Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

An ACDE Joint Provider Live Webinar Series … Presented by … DR. SANJAY CHAND … Dental patients may present with complex medical history of past and current illnesses that may impact delivery of dental care. This course will describe the importance of taking a thorough medical history and how it may impact dental therapy, alter […]

Incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine into the Dental Practice

ONLINE through Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Presented by … DR. STEPHEN D. POSS … The ADA now recognizes that the dental office is the front line in awareness of obstructive sleep apnea. We will discuss a rapidly growing area of dental sleep medicine and the dentist’s role in treating this deadly disease. This includes the most effective way to screen patients […]


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